Tired by the pseudo-scientists who try to use science to prove that God exists (or that He does not exist), I published a novel, short but rather intense, called “The Truth by Theo” by Alan Mad.

Here is the pitch:

A couple of scientists, of which one is a believer and the other not, are going to live an experience that will change their life forever.But this strange adventure will serve as a pretext to ask questions about the use of science and logical reasoning to derive the existence, or the non-existence, of God. “The Truth by Theo” is a short but intense novel , which helps readers to ask themselves the right questions about religion vs science.

It is available in paper format here:

(US/English version)


(Version in French)


It also is available in ebook formats on Amazon, Apple,┬áBarnes & Noble, Kobo, FNAC, Scribd, Tolino, 24Symbols, Playster, Overdrive, Bibliotheca, Baker &Taylor…