Hi, I am wondering what you’re doing here. Probably got lost via some improbable link…
What counts here is music. I have always been a music addict, from hiphop to new metal, classical to jazz, drum’n’bass to techno, etc, etc…
So the only things I’ll put a few words on here are related to some of my music projects.

My latest compositions

Forever Love is a song about the impact of love in life. The first half is rather melancolic. The second half is cheerful. One of Love side effects…

Lucky Jeff is a jazzy fantasy with odd time signatures (21/16 and 29/16 !). It uses the Retrologue synthesizer versatility (like a lot of my recent tracks), as well as the good-ol’ Korg MS-20.

Rising Sun is just a joke for my friends at Artistco who organized a contest based on the well-known “House of the New Rising Sun” hit. I did not participate in the cover contest but thought it would be fun to give my personal view…

You can also check these video soundtracks which I composed.

Latest compositions

Electro - Chill out - Dance - Jazz2018

Music variations on a jingle

I’ll just put one example of what I’ve done with my friend TJam for a web site.
The idea was to define a simple jingle, and then to derive from it a dozen of variations all using different styles of music, based on target topics/markets including Sports, Discotheques, Fashion, Events, Indoor Architecture, etc.

We had a lot of fun doing this.

Plus TJam is a great musician so he was able to put some interesting synth riffs that sound like real guitars or muted trumpets in some of those pieces (try Lounge for instance).

Check those numbers below and try to find the common theme in each piece…

Variations on a Jingle

Find the common theme...2008

Variations on a theme by Tchaikovski

This was another interesting project, based on an existing theme from the NutCracker Suite by Tchaikovsky. This classical movement is definitely not the most well-known in the NutCracker suite, but that was the specific request (“Customer’s always right”) I had to deal with.

Another requirement was to make this sound like if we were in the 80’s, and I had to use old synths (notably the fantastic WaveStation) and mixing techniques from the late 80’s.

On top of that I had another musician friend, Bara, add metal and rock guitars to increase the crescendo effect à la “Boléro de Ravel” required to mimic the original (classical) version. And frankly speaking, I love thoze 80’s guitar riffs by Bara and his fantastic guitar solo à la Guitar Hero (not the game, the REAL guitar heroes!) … Mamma mia… what a sound !!!

Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovski

Tchaikovski and Dr.Mad synths...2008

Sounds of the 80's using Wavestation... and Bara's guitars !(DrMad/Bara)

Music from the MadTrio

You will find below some examples of what we’ve done with TJam and Dr.No, 2 crazy musician brothers from the Marseille area.
Good ol’ funky stuff, not necessarily very modern but definitely cool, well…. according to our fans…..
Twas fun to play those preformances mainly recorded from live jam sessions, with exception of T2DS (Tribute to Dave Smith) which I named after the Synth Designer Genius of All Times as I used an Evolver and a Wavestation SR which Dave invented and are some of the most awesome synths ever designed.

I also used a MadPlayer (see below) in some of the tunes (Brazilou, Possible Mission) here with the MadTrio.

Mad Trio tracks

featuring TJam and Dr.No !2008

Music from the MadPlayer

Finally and for curiosity sake I added to my playlist some of the songs that were created using the MadPlayer, which I invented with a few other engineers and musicians almost 20 years ago now, and which composes music automatically and merges it with audio samples.

In the examples below I used a MadPlayer to create remixes of the In Da Club hit by 50cent. 50 is one of the best rappers in the hood (I mean on the planet) and his rhymes flow so ez that you can use all kinds of styles on top of them…

MadPlayer songs

....automatically created by the MadPlayer2003

All music and sounds in these examples (except 50’s rap samples!) are by the MadPlayer.

Videos !

Here are a couple of video clips that I did to illustrate some of my compositions…

“Melancholia Intermede”


A biblical vision of what Humanity looks like from a distance. If you don’t subscribe to the divine God concept, call it “Nature” or “the Universe” or whatever. The point here is to describe our History, and give some hope that there is Goodness that will eventually win and put things back in order even when some of our human events make us feel confused and pessimistic…